If you've been following 'Death Stranding' for the past three years like we have, you'll know that there's no such thing as easy answers when it comes to this game.

For one, nobody's really sure what the game is about. We know that it's got an intriguing cast of characters - including Lindsay 'The Bionic Woman' Wagner, for some reason - and it involves ropes. Or something.

Anyway, while all the mystery surrounding 'Death Stranding' has fuelled the hype for it, there might finally be an actual release date. A tweet from Italian journalist Antonio Fucito claims that a release date of November 8th has been set for the game. Interestingly, a screenshot of the game's pre-order page on the PlayStation Store doesn't include any kind of release date for it.

As well as all this, a Facebook post from the official Taiwanese page for Sony PlayStation also mentioned November 8th as its release date. Given how a major announcement is expected at some stage this evening for the game, don't be surprised if it does end up being November 8th after all.

For now, here's the crazy-ass first teaser for 'Death Stranding' almost three years ago.