Last night saw Nintendo officially launch the Labo, a new DIY initiative that works with the Switch and combines - well - cardboard and make-and-do.

To say it's nuts is an understatement. As the announcement video below shows, you essentially build the actual component that works with the Switch from cardboard cut-outs and string, and you customise it with whatever you like to make it all the more personal.

Per the official release, the Labo launches with two "Kits" - the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit, the first includes everything from a 13-key piano to a Toy RC-car, whilst the latter sees you build a wearable robot suit. Let's say that again. You build your own robot suit. A ROBOT SUIT MADE OF CARDBOARD.

The Labo will retail in the US at $69 and £51 in the UK, although there appears to be no details listed for the Irish RRP - so expect it to be somewhere between the two of them.

Here's the announcement trailer.