Cert: 7+
Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii
Genre: Action/Adventure

The dastardly Comrade Blanc and the Inkles have robbed the world of colour and only de Blob and his friends can restore it to its natural glory. Yes de Blob 2 is pretty much the same as the original Wii title but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The Xbox and Playstation versions of the sequel have been given a HD lick of paint and there's a new co-op mode but the the enjoyable core concept of painting and spraying the washed out grey buildings and walls with reds, greens and blues remains the same.

de Blob 2 isn't a game that's going to really challenge experienced or grown up gamers but there's plenty of those titles already. Similarly, the checkpoint system could do with a little work and may frustrate younger gamers. Minor niggles aside, this is a family friendly game which looks and sounds like a cartoon and at the same time even manages to sneak in a reference to show trials and the Tiananmen Square. It is a colourful and original release in gaming world dominated by bland shooters.

Rent or Buy: Buy
Graphics: 4/5
Game Play: 4/5
Replay Value: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Reviewed By: Bryan Collins