Dubbed the most beautiful game of a generation, 'Cuphead' has finally come to the PS4, some three years after its initial release.

If you've never seen or heard of it before, the general mechanic of the game is quite similar to other run-and-gun games of the past like 'Mega Man', 'Metal Slug', or 'Contra', except that its art style is completely different to anything you'll have seen before.

'Cuphead' is designed and animated to look like it's a '40s cartoon, something along the lines of early Walt Disney cartoons. The style is what's known as "rubber hose" animation, and the game's soundtrack itself is filled with crazed, zany Dixieland jazz numbers too - just like the cartoons of the '40s.

The game's level consists of both major boss battles and platform levels, and is famed for its easy ability to take up and difficulty to master. As you'd expect, the game has been critically acclaimed, and picked up numerous awards since its release, including Best Art Direction and Best Independent Game at the 2017 Game Awards. In fact, Netflix are even working on an animated series based on the game already.

The game is up on the PS Store now for €19.99. Here's the announcement trailer.