The UFC Featherweight champion’s next fight is at UFC 205 on November 12th against Eddie Alvarez at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Before that though, people can spot a digitalised version of him in the highly anticipated 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare', out November 4th.

McGregor features as a special character in the game's campaign mode. He talked to Rolling Stone about his appearance in the game which will not be his debut, given he was previously cover star on EA UFC 2 alongside Ronda Rousey.

However McGregor said this was going to be something completely different from the world of MMA: ‘This is completely outside of the fight world.

‘I didn't think I would get on the front cover of a UFC video game. I saw a lot of things, but I didn't see video games. But I'm happy to be here. I get approached all the time with roles and all this stuff. Not many of them are interesting but this one was definitely of interest to me so I went with it and it's been good.’

McGregor is set to play bad guy Captain Bradley Fillion in the first-person shooter game and he says has been a big fan of the Call of Duty series for a long time.

‘I'm on a roll and this stuff is bigger than Hollywood right now,’ he told Rolling Stone. ‘These games are grossing more than Hollywood blockbusters, so it seems like the right fit since I'm grossing more than anyone in the fight game also.

‘The offer came about so naturally and I thought it over. It's such a big game. I play a good load of games, but there's only two games I actually really play that I've been obsessed with: The UFC game and Call of Duty. Now I'm in both of them. It's very surreal.

‘It strengthens what I already know: I do big things.’