If you had a PC in the '90s, odds are you had a copy of 'Command and Conquer' or its time-bending sequel, 'Command and Conquer: Red Alert'.

The game defined the real-time strategy genre, with its intuitive controls, ease of installation, and a soundtrack that scared parents with its loudness. For many, it was the first game that brought them into PC gaming.

After nearly two decades, the game has been restored and remastered in 4K and updated for online play, with 'Command and Conquered Remastered' now available for Windows PC. The early reviews so far have praised the game's attention to detail, matching both the familiar tone and playability with upgraded graphics, streamlined multiplayer, and much more.

Polygon's review called it "a loving tribute to a genre milestone", saying that "the good stuff has been protected and made better, while the parts around the core experience have likewise been improved, making even the act of getting ready to play the game much more enjoyable."

PC Gamer, meanwhile, said that the game was worth it for the upgraded soundtrack alone. "It's especially cool that the jukebox lets you make your own playlists and combine tracks from either game. No one's going to stop you from putting on Hell March when you send NOD soldiers into a GDI base," some of their coverage read.

It's not yet clear whether or not a port of the game will be available on PS4, Xbox One or Mac, but given how the game was first and foremost a PC game, it seems unlikely.

The game is available on Steam now for €19.99.