Star Wars fans of a certain vintage will remember these games as perhaps amongst the best titles that the movie franchise ever spawned (along with Shadows of the Empire on N64) and they're finally getting a re-release. 

Despite being a movie franchise that has managed to keep a number of generations enthralled, the Star Wars movies have produced a disappointingly small number of good games. However, X-Wing and TIE Fighter, two space combat games, are among the finest (if not the best) that the series produced, and there's some good news for those of you out there who fondly remember playing them from your childhood: they're getting a digital re-release. 

In a deal with Disney (who now owns Star Wars and therefore the Lucasfilms games that they made) Good Old Games now has a digital version of both classic titles for sale on their site, and they're the special editions of the games too: that means slightly better sound and graphics, as well as the Imperial Pursuit and B-Wing expansion packs. 

If you owned a PC and played games on it in the 1990s, then you probably played these games, and for the princely sum of €8, you can happily relive those memories without having to do any fancy tinkering with your computer to get them to work. This might be very nerdish, but we're excited about this. 

If they decided that the games were due an update and wanted to give them a next-gen feel, we would pay an even greater sum of cold, hard cash money for that.

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