Cert: 18+
Platform: Xbox 360, PC, Playstation 3
Genre: First Person Shooter

The hype and controversy surrounding Modern Warfare 2 nearly obscures the fact that it's just a game. Albeit a damn good one. It is the follow up to the still popular Call of Duty release from 2007 and consists of three parts: a way-too-short short single player campaign, an addictive multiplayer game and an innovative challenge mode known as SpecOps.

The single player campaign sees players battling terrorists in a number of fantastic looking locations including Brazil, Russia and Afghanistan. The action is brutal and bloody (think murdering civilians) with the set pieces and plot reminiscent of 24.

The series' much maligned trick of re-spawning enemies has been eliminated. However the game still makes it nearly impossible to stray off the beaten track, relies heavily on scripted events and most players should be able to shoot through the campaign in just seven hours.

The new SpecOps challenges players to complete an array of challenges by themselves or with a friend based on the single player campaign. This mode is surprisingly compelling and offers far more longevity than the single player campaign.

The multiplayer comment of Modern Warfare 2 features numerous new weapons, kill streaks and perks. Beginners will find it more accessible than it's predecessor and veterans deeper. Infinity Ward have promised to support it with a host of map packs and patches.

You could argue that Modern Warfare 2 doesn't evolve the shooter genre as much as its prequel, that the story is hard to follow and that the realistic violence is unsettling. However, that'd be wasting time that could be spent playing one of the most enjoyable releases of the decade.

Rent or Buy: Buy
Graphics: 5/5
Game Play: 5/5
Replay Value: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Reviewed By: Bryan Collins