After the so-so response to more recent entries in 'Black Ops', it looks like Treyarch are bringing the franchise back to its roots with the latest entry, 'Cold War'.

The first trailer was revealed through an insanely complex ARG (that's alternate-reality game) which saw a number of YouTubers attempting to crack codes and piece together numbers to find a link that revealed said trailer. When you landed there, you were greeted with a real-life interview from the early '80s with Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB agent, who discussed the methods his former colleagues used to subvert and destablise countries - including the US.

Here's that trailer.

Yesterday evening, Treyarch Studios posted the first poster for the game along with a date - which could mean either the first gameplay footage or (whisper it) the actual release date for the game. It's likely that it's just the first gameplay footage, but who knows? Could they potentially Beyoncé the game's release?

Either way, we'll be keeping our eyes peeled next Wednesday for anything new.