If you're over the age of 30, you'll know what Kick Off was and how important it was.

The first game to take on soccer and try to turn into a gaming experience, Kick Off was originally released on the Amiga and Atari ST before its designer, Dino Dini, went on to create Player Manager - the first of the football management simulators. Those who remember Kick Off will know that it was the first football game to really attempt to replicate a realistic match.

You had referees with different moods, the football didn't stick to the player and bounced ahead, it even had varying characteristics for each player. This might seem like it's all par for the course, but in 1989, this was completely revolutionary. There was no game like it. 

As it goes, gaming and soccer moved on but Kick Off's always maintained a special place in the hearts of older gamers - which is probably why Dino Dini is bringing back Kick Off to PlayStation 4. The game is launching exclusively on PlayStation 4 on June 17th of this year and looks like it has the same frantic, lightning-fast gameplay as the original.

Take a look!