‘Back 4 Blood’, the hotly anticipated survival horror FPS game, received an official campaign trailer yesterday ahead of release on October 12th.

Showcasing a glimpse into the narrative of ‘Back 4 Blood’, we get to meet the character of “Mom” in the trailer.

Mom - A playable character in 'Back 4 Blood'

Voiced by horror genre legend, Barabara Crampton, Mom leads “The Cleaners”. A team of survivors battling the tides of infected and serving as a beacon of hope against the zombie horde.

Barbara Crampton - The Voice of "Mom" in Back 4 Blood

Mom has never backed down from a challenge. From what we’ve seen so far, the character is a badass. Channelling the fierce attitude of action-horror heroines past like Sarah Connor and Ripley. And of course, Barbara’s own stellar work in the genre.  

Taking place approximately a year after the collapse of society, the game will follow The Cleaners fighting back against "The Ridden" menace. As a result, they'll figure out where "The Devil Worm" came from and how to stop it.

Coming from the creators of the 'Left 4 Dead' franchise, there will certainly be a community focus on 'Back 4 Blood'. And this will surely aid in reinvigorating the mostly dormant zombie co-op shooter genre. 

Most promisingly, 'Back 4 Blood' will feature a "game director" AI, and a roguelike card system. These will constantly challenge the player with new experiences every time they play. Having such a focus on replayability, we can see the longevity already.

So, if you're brave enough, you can catch the trailer below for ‘Back 4 Blood’s campaign below.

Back 4 Blood release on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One Consoles, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 12, 2021.