Cert: 16+
Platform(s): PC, PS3, XBOX360, DS
Genre: 3rd Person Action, Strategy

Every now and again, a game garners a lot of attention before its release. Rumours, teasers and a very, very hot producer don't hurt your chances of this happening, but there is always a danger: can anything really live up to its own hype?

Assassin's Creed sees you playing through the genetic memories of an ancient assassin, Altair.. genetic, what? Yes, this is not quite the medieval story line that we all expected; instead it's a sci-fi adventure that jumps between the near-future and the 12th century.

Graphics are breathtaking and the designers cleverly interweave the vast landscape of the game into the storyline, allowing you a proper look at a magnificent design achievement.

Gameplay is cracking: Altair moves swiftly and silently across rooftops and through marketplaces. Free running is a revelation - you rarely falter as you leap and bound over almost all obstacles.

The game is almost perfect - almost. The repetitive nature of some of the missions weakens the experience, but the beautifully-lit world will have you exploring the land for weeks to come.

Part Tomb Raider, part Splinter Cell - all good!

Graphics 5/5
Gameplay 4/5
Replay Value 4/5
Overall rating 4.5/5

Review by Eamonn Cleary