Although it didn't top Super Mario Run's record - that had 32 million downloads by the end of its first week - the mobile port of Animal Crossing did manage a huge debut in just six days.

App insight analysts SensorTower report that Nintendo's latest mobile offering came into its first week with 15 million downloads across iPhone and Android worldwide. The game, which was initially announced in 2016, sees players building furniture to sell to traders and the like and exploring nearby forests and meadows for supplies, as well as decorating living spaces and the like.

While the game is free-to-play, there is an in-game transaction system that sees player able to purchase Leaf Tickets, which allows them to build without raw materials or speed up the production process for items. This feature is what'll determine whether or not Animal Crossing is deemed a success for Nintendo, however given the high download rate of the game so far, it looks like there's already significant interest in the game.

Nintendo's stock price on the Tokyo stock exchange went from 44500 on the day of release to a three-month high of 47720 yesterday, and the rate of downloads will likely stay high over the Christmas period.


Via SensorTower