There's been plenty of stories about how Pokemon GO is helping people.

In some cases, it's helping autistic children to overcome their issues with sociability, in some cases it's helping people lose weight and interact and in, in this case, it's helping dogs find a home. We've said it before that dogs are, in fact, better than people - and this just proves it.

An animal shelter in Muncie, Indiana has offered locals a unique opportunity to help themselves catch Pokemon. People simply pop in, walk a dog around the local area for them and, in doing so, catch Pokemon GO or incubate their eggs in the game. The dogs go back to the shelter and have got a walk done for the day.

In some cases, it's been reported that Pokemon GO players are bonding with the dogs and deciding to adopt them. What's more, the scheme has become so popular for the shelter that there's now a waiting list for volunteers to walk their dogs as many people are adopting the dogs in the shelter. In fact, Munice Animal Shelter is now bringing in dogs from other shelters to help cope with the demand. In fact, people are even offering to pay to rent the dogs for a walk as a way of raising money for the animal shelter.

Here's the original Facebook post, which has now been shared 8,000 times since it was posted on Monday.

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