Although it's early days yet, it looks like an open-world game set in JK Rowling's Wizarding World is currently in development at a major studio.

Leaked footage, purportedly from a focus group, made its way online yesterday night and showed a number of scenes from a game that bears a suspicious resemblance to Harry Potter. The one minute video, which was shot on a phone and appeared to be a sizzle reel for the game, was quickly pulled from YouTube by Warner Bros. with no further announcement - however mirrors of the video have sprung up all over the internet since the video's release.

The video showcases a character development screen, training in Hogwarts, wandering through Hogsmeade, exploring caves with a Lumos spell on your wand, and pulling down ceilings on trolls who get in your way - all to the familiar tune of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World.

Kotaku's reporting on the video suggests that Avalance Software may be behind the game's development, whilst other observers theorised Rocksteady - the studio behind 'Batman: Arkham Knight' - may be involved somehow. As it stands, there's been no official announcement from either Warner Bros. or any studio out acknowledging the existence of the game.

For the moment, it's sadly all speculation - so fire off your thoughts in the comments!