With the recent release of a whole load of MS Dos games made available to play online with plenty of bizarre titles amongst them, the Man Cave got to thinking about the strangest games that we ever did play in our time. 

From ones that were so ridiculously offensive that they would never be able to be made these days, to simply strange titles that appear to be incredibly boring, the video games industry has brought some very odd ideas to us via the medium of our consoles and personal computers. These are just a few of them that we have selected, but if you have any others that we've missed, then feel free to tweet us in and let us know.

Naughty Bear

So we all know that teddy bears are cute and cuddly, and that they live on a magical island that uses love beams as a source of fuel. That is the original premise of the 2010 title Naughty Bear until one bear is not invited to another bear's birthday party, and all hell breaks loose as he stabs and shoots his way to revenge. This was nightmare fuel to anyone below the age of 34 at the time. 

Leisure Suit Larry

Softcore porn is not a genre of video game that regularly gets made any more, but Leisure Suit Larry's inability to continually get titles made is perhaps testament to the fact that not enough developers are looking at this niche market. Then again, maybe they're right to leave it alone. Either way, the game focused on the titular Larry Laffer, starting all the way back in the late '80s with Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, who basically went around trying to sleep with women. Given that GTA went a couple of steps further and introduced prostitution in to the mix in the world of games, this all seems tame in comparison, and in their defence, they did try and weed out the under 18s by asking some tough questions about American presidents, back in the days before you could Google your answer.

Crosscountry Canada

You've always wondered what it would be like to be involved in the exciting world of trucking and shipping in Canada, right? Of course you have, which is why the brilliant Crosscountry Canada is the game for you. Your job is to pick up packages, shipments, or whatever else there happens to be, and bring it from one part of Canada to the other. Strangely more interesting than it sounds, but here's a genuine screenshot from the first level of the game that makes it sound as interesting as watching paint dry. 

We've yet to find a game that talks about commodities and lists that isn't fun, in all fairness. You can play Crosscountry Canada over here too, if you've got some time to kill. 

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

Based on a dystopian sci-fi short story of the same name, this game was incredibly bleak and more than a little bit disturbing. In it, you inhabit a world where an evil computer named Allied Master Computer (AM) has destroyed all of humanity, bar five survivors which it has been torturing for over 100 years. AM creates adventures for all of these characters to complete in order to prove that humans are better than machines, but they each have one fatal flaw which AM uses against them. The intro should give you a (very bleak) taste of what it would be like. 

Suffice to say that this point-and-click adventure was one that many people can never forget playing, if they've ever had the misfortune to do so. It involved having to deal with some very difficult topics including insanity and genocide, and it was impossible to complete. If you fancy it, you can still experience it on Steam, but you should heed the warning that this is definitely for 18+. 

Super 3D Noah's Ark

It might surprise you to know that there was more than one game based on the story of Noah from the Bible on the original NES, but this particular edition came out on the SNES and was that rarest of creatures: an unlicensed game. We mean by Nintendo, not God and/or Noah.

Anyway, the game was modelled after Wolfenstein, but instead of killing Nazi monsters, you went around collecting animals to put on your ark, which is a lot more wholesome altogether. That said, it still made for one seriously bizarre game. 

This was just one of a numbers of games based on the story of Noah's Ark including Bible Adventures Part 1- Noah's Ark and Noah's Ark, both on the NES. Turns out, it was a very niche market that had been cornered by other titles, like Billy Graham's Bible Blaster.


Of course, we couldn't possibly leave without mentioning the more recent Goat Simulator, the first in the goat simulation genre, what we can only presume will explode with popularity in the coming years...right?