Cert: 3+
Platform: All Formats
Genre: Sports

2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa is the latest entry into what is becoming a long line of spin-offs from EA's yearly FIFA series. A total of 199 nations who entered qualifying are available to choose from, either to manage through qualification or to guide through the actual finals in South Africa.

Each stadium is faithfully recreated with crowds and players slightly more lifelike, illustrating 2010 FIFA World Cup has just that bit more gloss and finish than FIFA 10 - the sense of atmosphere and occasion is palpable and from the moment the line-ups walk out the player will have no trouble believing they're playing in something that feels more important than any league match.

Gameplay has received less of a overhaul, but as FIFA 10 possessed such a solid system its no surprise EA has utilised the same mechanics for 2010 World Cup, if not a neat little improvement here or there.

The main issue with this game is that it exists at all. Yes there is the sense you're playing a different game than FIFA 10, with informative statistics and World Cup facts littered throughout, but essentially what you're paying for is an expanded International mode. It would have been better to see this as an expanded add-on for FIFA 10, either through download or as a cut-price title like the Grand Theft Auto series has done the last few years. But for those who bought FIFA 10, it's hard to justify paying the same amount of money for a game that has less depth and options.

As it stands, 2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa is an excellent football game, with smooth, fluid gameplay with that faultless sheen and polish that has always been this series' greatest strength.

Rent/Buy: Rent
Graphics: 5
Gameplay: 5
Replay Value: 3
Overall: 4

Reviewed By: Simon Rubbathan