As we're not really sure when restrictions will lift and things will go back to normal, keeping yourself occupied and entertained is the order of the day.

If you're working from home, odds are you're spacing out the day with either a TV show, a movie, or a videogame to pass the hours. However, if you're finding that your current library has become a little rote for you, there's plenty of excellent games on offer on the PlayStation Store for less than a tenner.

In fact, some are a good bit cheaper than that. We've picked out 17 games available now, how much they cost, and why they're worth your time.

(Prices correct as of publication)



€5.99 from PlayStation Store

Mixing the close-quarters combat of the franchise with high seas adventure, 'Black Flag' was one of the most successful games in 'Assassin's Creed' and not just for the fact you get to steal stuff. The soundtrack, complete with sea shanties, is just terrific and you can get hours out of ramming ships with your merciless band of raiders.



€7.99 from PlayStation Store

'Unravel' and 'Unravel Two' may look like they're a little cutesy, but there's a lot more going on beneath the surface. It's really a game about the need to hold on to memories, how time can often shape our perception of events, and yes, it's got a moving bundle of yarn. The game follows the path of a typical platformer, but the use of yarn in moving you across the stage gives it an intriguing amount of strategy. Give this a go, and you won't be disappointed.



€4.99 from PlayStation Store

While the game may lack conventional action, there's a lot to like about 'Mirror's Edge: Catalyst'. The layout and design of each stage is well done, and the cyberpunk aesthetics and soundtrack just looks desperately cool. While it might not be as good as the first game, it's diverting enough to warrant inclusion.



€3.99 from PlayStation Store

Like 'Unravel', there is something somewhat childlike about 'Journey', but really, it's a game that revels in the elegance of its simplicity. You play a nameless figure working your way through a desert to reach a light on top of a mountain. Along the way, you meet others in their journey - who just so happen to be other players - and help them as they help you. Like 'Unravel', it's a game with a lot more to say than you might think.



€3.99 from PlayStation Store

Yes, it's basically 'Tetris' with another name on top of it, but let's be clear about this - it's still an absolute cracker of a game and one that you can easily lose yourself in for hours at a time, not to mention the fact that there's something truly calming and disconnecting about it. Maybe it's the bright colours or the idea of forming order out of the chaos? Who knows. Either way, it's always an enjoyable game to have in the library.



€6.99 from PlayStation Store

If you're looking for a dense RPG that will take you the guts of 90 hours to play through that isn't 'Skyrim', then you should absolutely pick up 'Dragon Age: Inquisiton'. It's a game that is not only exquisitely well-made, but also has hours upon hours of side-quests and mini-games to soak up your time. If you don't already own this, get it now because it's rarely this cheap on the PlayStation Store.



€2.99 from PlayStation Store

Look, you could read some flowery, overly ornate elucidation about this game that will challenge your convictions on what gaming is, whether it rises to the level of art in the classical sense, or you can pay three quid and pretend to be a goat for a few hours. Your choice, pal.



€3.99 from PlayStation Store

Easily one of the best adventure games ever made for the PC, 'Grim Fandango' was ported to the PS4 a few years ago and it's just as well-made, entertaining and funny as before. Not only that, but the graphics have also aged beautifully and gives it that wry sense of humour that's so often missing from games these days. Absolutely recommended.



€9.99 from PlayStation Store

OK, yes, this game's story probably has some parallels with our current situation, but the fact remains that 'The Division' has a lot going for it. Not only that, but many of the quirks and issues have also been patched out of the game so if you do jump in now, you're getting the best possible version of it. It's a straightforward, open-world shoot-and-loot RPG, and it's a tenner. Can't go wrong at that price.



€7.99 from PlayStation Store

It's not on the same level as 'Mass Effect 3' or even close to 'Mass Effect 2', but it does have some moments and you can tell that the developers were attempting something different with 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'. For those who can overlook some of the issues, there's a deep, rich game there to be played.