‘Idle Mind’ is the debut album of Anna-Mieke Bishop, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Wicklow, Ireland. Recorded in the far-reaches of west Cork, as well as in Pickering Forest, Kildare, Anna-Mieke accompanies herself on Greek bouzouki, electric guitar and piano, adding cello accompaniment to several tracks in studio. Joining her on this record is long-time collaborator Brían Mac Gloinn (of folk duo Ye Vagabonds) on Indian harmonium, fiddle, additional strings and vocals, and Matthew Jacobson (of contemporary jazz ensemble ReDiviDeR and experimental folk group Clang Sayne) on percussion, adding to the eclectic assortment of sounds that make up Idle Mind. Rooted in folk, the ten tracks on the record philosophize through abstract lyrics about place, age, belonging and various societal misalignments.