Classical soul-pioneer composer, producer and pianist Alexis FFrench is the fastest growing classical artist in the world. Alexis brings The Truth Tour 2022 to The Helix on 12th October in support of his acclaimed new album Truth.

Truth is a collection of concise, compelling, thought-provoking recordings which has seen him bring classical music to the masses since he first topped the charts in 2018. “My songs are short and structured like pop because that’s how I can make the most impact with my melodies. I grew up on the greats – Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley – as much as classical music. My aim is to make classical music accessible to everyone. Most of the messages I receive are from teens and twenty-somethings who have never listened to classical before.”

An album borne out of feelings of grief, despair, anger and injustice, Truth is proof of the power of community, positive thought and collective healing. The maestro may be wary of politics, but as ever, the result is an intoxicating listen.