“Light is a form of energy. The majority of us are aware that our primary light source is the sun, and we understand the concept of how the atmosphere is created, the way that light filters through it. If I could therefore relate to this common knowledge, then I can begin to create moments that are also eternal. If it is something that I can feel, then others may share the same experience of feeling. I understand this through my painting. I love the visual drama that a painting can provide. The contrast of light and darkness, apparent through both tone and colour, being the most powerful formulae to attract attention to the focal point. Every brush stroke and layer is present with a purpose to enhance, and shares a relationship with the rest of the painting. I live within the subjects that I paint, in the sense of having surrounded me for the majority of my life. They are timeless views, and my desire is for the work to portray a sense of purity, simplicity, honesty and absoluteness. “ - Kate Beagan Following Kate’s successful sell out solo show in 2015 , we are thrilled to welcome her back for a much anticipated second Solo show, at The Doorway Gallery.