- Saturday & Sunday pass - €75 (To select this option, click on the Saturday 29th June @ 10:00am option)
- Saturday Day pass - €40
- Sunday Day pass - €40
- Saturday Student Day Pass - €25
- Sunday Student Day Pass - €25

[email protected] is an annual international event with artists, fans and music industry from around the globe. The inaugural festival is scheduled to take place over three days in Dublin on June 28/29/30th 2013. The theme for 2013 is BRAVE NEW MUSIC.

Marketing work to attract artists, delegates, trade show exhibitors, media partners, sponsors and music lovers is now taking place.

We’ve already put together various delegate packages for you but do appreciate that you may want to hold fire until you’ve seen the full program we have in store. So here’s a little bit of a taster for you.


The program of industry panels we’ve put together so far covers a pretty broad range of subjects from AandR, artist management, music promotion/marketing, publishing, social media to pricing, artist rights, live and sync placements. The line-up of distinguished speakers potentially includes past and present youbloom judges Bob Geldof, Nigel Grainge (Sinead O’Connor), Rupert Hine (Rush), Alex Von Soos (Atomic Kitten), Pete Briquette (Boomtown Rats), and other music industry notables, drawn upon from youbloom’s extensive network. We plan to announce more high profile guests, as well as finalize our final program, in the coming weeks so stay tuned to our [email protected] blog for further updates.


We will host networking opportunities for artists to meet the industry, hold one-on-ones and learn about the latest gadgets and services to aid them in their music career through our trade show. There will be workshops led by industry experts to help cover some areas in more detail for those interested in reshaping their careers. Our team of respected AandR execs, judges, musicians, experts and commentators will be there to answer questions and discuss a wide range of topics.


We will be running a three day trade fair to coincide with the conference. Exhibitors will gain very specific exposure to the key people in their industry allowing them to grow their sales and form profitable partnerships. Among the trade fair participants you will find: AandR execs, Agents, Booking Agents, Brand Managers, Event Organizers, Export Offices, Instrument Makers, Labels, Lawyers, Managers, Merchandisers, Promoters, Publishers, Sync Experts, Trade Bodies and Venue Operators.


At youbloom we have a strong sense of community and as such we are offering all previous participants from our Music Awards program a chance to appear at [email protected] Our AandR team led by Lindsay Reade (Factory Records, The Stone Roses) will also be putting together a list of bands we want the music industry to hear.

The showcases will occur at various well known venues in Dublin, just a stone’s throw away from the main conference center.