Janis and Sharon are two out of (creative) work actors with the merciless grip of 8.65 around their necks .... and their imaginations!
Losing zest for art and their once finely tuned craft, Janis and Sharon slave away in a cosmetics shop. Forced to convince wan faced customers that their skin desperately needs the latest overpriced pseudo-scientific moisturiser, that reduces wrinkles and could probably strip wallpaper.

Getting sucked into banausic existence on a thankless job's minimum wage, the girls have lost sight of their super objectives. They find themselves questioning how they live. Why should they be trapped in the cut throat business world when they have so much to give? Why have people let money control their happiness? Exploring ways to uplift the people of Henry Street (and maybe the country!) Janis and Sharon channel all their inspired energy into making a magnificent theatrical statement.