Japanese choreographer, Yasuko Yokoshi who resides in New York, is making a new film collaborating with her friends in Tokyo.

Performance artist “Hangman Takuzo” hangs himself from a tree for a small audience (or usually no audience) in his own garden at home in the outskirts of Tokyo. He calls it Garden Theatre and has presented it every day for the past eight years.

The movie features him, the legendary dance artist Mika Kurosawa (Hangman Takuzo’s girlfriend) and the unforgettable 72-year old Namiko Kawamura, who is known for her Zenshin-Hoko (Naked-Walking-Forward) performance.

Together they attempt an impossible mission, without any experience or knowledge of film making, creating a fake dance-drama documentary featuring legendary Japanese performance artists. A question and answer session will take place after the screening.

During the Festival, Yasuko Yokoshi will perform her work Bell as part of a shared programme with Jodi Melnick & Burt Barr on Friday May 13 and Saturday May 14 at IMMA.