Written by Marina Carr

On her deathbed a woman with eight children and a remorseful cheating husband surveys her life and imagines what else could have been. Woman and Scarecrow is a dreamy, if sometimes darkly ironic play about death and the perspective that it can throw upon the life which it is bringing to a close. The play is less about the loss of life and more about our ability to live it while we have it.

With a powerful cast of Geraldine Plunkett, Mark O’Regan, Joan Sheehy, Noelle Brown and directed by Geoff Gould don’t miss this wonderful night’s theatre.

Arguably the finest living female playwright in Ireland and the U.K. Marina Carr’s Woman and Scarecrow, was first performed by Fiona Shaw at the Royal Court in 2009.

'This is a play that seeps into your very bones' – The Guardian
'Wonderful…Extraordinary work' – Emer O’Kelly, The Independent
'The most interesting Irish new play of the past few years' – The Sunday Tribune

Tuesday, 11th - Saturday, 15th September 2012 @ 8pm