Wither follows the lives of a family struggling to care for their mother who is suffering from dementia. The story is told in a humorous and poignant way allowing the audience to truly understand the impact this horrific disease has on everyone it touches. Isobel, a once vibrant woman, is now a mere shadow of her former self. She lives with her son Finbar and his family. Pushed to the edge Finbar is barely coping and his wife Bernadette becomes the primary care-taker. Their teenage son has become lost in the chaos. Isobel’s other children Patricia and Dennis view the situation from their own homes. Patricia has always had a difficult relationship with her mother and now finds herself unable to put the past behind her despite time running out. Dennis is the impartial onlooker who is so removed from the truth of the situation that he becomes the voice of morality, but not of reality.

All ages welcome - Some strong language – 80 mins (no interval)
Written and Directed by Victoria Fradgley
Lighting Design by John Crudden
Set and Costume Design by Niamh Cummins

Aine de Siun – Bel
Benjamin Musgrave - Dennis
Blayne Kelly – Brian
Ceire O’Donoghue – Patricia
Elaine Reddy – Bernie
Laura Canavan – Ellen
Niall Walsh – Finbar
Phyllis Carthy - Isobel

Tabs Theatre Productions was last in the main space of Smock Alley Theatre in 2009 with Never After, written and directed by Victoria Fradgley and was very well received by audiences.

Tabs Theatre Productions was formed in 2006 and quickly established itself as a progressive theatre company that creates original and compelling performances. Professional actors, directors, writers and technicians come together to develop independent and challenging works which are presented in contemporary and innovative ways. We're dedicated to tackling topical, raw subject matters and bringing them to audiences in a palatable fashion.