'Join Aisling and Siobhan as they get ready for a night on the lash. Putting on their make-up, discussing the ‘lads', discussing the 'shift', ordering the taxi, straightening the hair, then backcombing the hair, drinking vodka, eyeing-up the Munster team, bitching about their other friends and applying that all important fake TAN!

Giving an amusing while somewhat disturbing insight into what can go on when girls are getting ready for a night out, TAN is a high energy comedy that promises to entertain and, in its own way, educate.
Writers/Performers: Ann Blake, Marie Boylan.

Director: Myles Breen

'I learned more about women watching this than I did from the Sex and the City box set.' - Karl Spain

'Both actresses were wonderfully expressive and their performances seemed effortless…TAN is sharp and funny.' - Irish Theatre Magazine