Christie Hennessy, one of Ireland’s great singer-songwriters and much loved performers was fascinated with Al Jolson and spent much of his boyhood in Tralee imitating the great Broadway troubadour. Sometimes this fascination became an obsession for Christie as he listened again and again to his favourite Jolson songs.

In WHEN JOLIE MET CHRISTIE Al Jolson speaks of his admiration for Christie and his new understanding of him now they are together in the afterlife. Al compares the struggles and triumphs of their two careers. Jolson, the controversial superstar meets the humble painter-decorator from Tralee in a 90-minute musical meditation featuring many of Christie’s greatest hits. What is the motivation behind all the great performers? And what sacrifices do they make as they try to follow their dream? This is a quirky, funny and sometimes dark meditation on the price of fame.