Come As Soon As You Hear

It's ninety eighty something. Fully formed in the womb, we are primed for a takeover. Threading amniotic fluid with ambition twinkling in the apples of our as yet unopened eyes. Our heartbeats are good and strong, and we are ready, ready, ready to come out now. Out into the world. It's going to be our oyster.

But in 2013, that oyster if clammed firmly shut, and we're retreating. The babyboomers are now boomerang babies, clambering back into the empty nest and craving the fleshy fortitude of an incubator we have long since outgrown. With no teat to suckle on, we now subsist on Cheerios and hog the remote control. We tune into Honey Boo Boo and wonder how things might have been different if we'd been a toddler in a tiara, groomed to reign on daytime TV.

'Whelp' is a play about twenty-first century relations between twentysomethings and their mammies.

Concept by Come As Soon As You Hear
with Joey Kavanagh, Lola White and Karl Watson

Produced by Ailish McCarthy

Work in Progress