Calling all North Kerry men & women home to the land of your forefathers. Come along on a magical journey through the towns and parishes that your ancestors left in centuries & decades past. Visitors to the festival will be taken to the homes of their ancestors, walk their fields, pray in their churches and cemeteries, discover their history, listen to their music, and watch their Gaelic games.

They will be taken to sites rich in history and experience the natural heritage of the region. Many of these local gems are not on the traditional tourist trails. You will meet the 'real people' of Ireland and experience how cultural traditions are still alive and well in North Kerry. On your visit, trace your ancestors using the many records available both locally and on-line.

This Week of Welcome Festival is an absolutely personal and intimate experience - you will be met and greeted, taken deep into North Kerry, its parishes and townlands. With stops at must-see places, as well as those that are off-the-beaten path, you will be entertained with history, stories, music, and lively discussions about Ireland's past, present and future.