Spraoi Festival is Ireland's specialist street theatre and spectacle event. It presents over 200 street theatre and music performances in three days and most events are free at this family-friendly event.

The festival features street performers from around the world and there is something to do and see by day and night. Spraoi is the Irish word for fun and celebration and the city's people take to its streets and squares in an exciting exhibition of contemporary street culture. Spraoi features a festival parade at night with over 200 costumed performers, floats and special effects. The parade regularly attracts 30,000 spectators of all ages as it winds by Waterford's ancient streets and historic buildings. It's no surprise that Spraoi is a focus for Waterford people living away from home, and thousands are expected to return for Spraoi 2013, which celebrates the festival's 21st Birthday.

It's sure to be one of the best, brightest and most inspiring birthdays in Ireland during 2013. Waterford Spraoi Festival 2013 is a perfect reason to be part of 'The Gathering' of friends, old and new!