If you had the chance to meet your dead daughter again, but only for three days, would you take it? Louise and Patrick are given this very choice. They witness their precious little Alice getting brutally killed by a raving mad dog. In deep mourning they try to overcome their grief by moving to a small village by the name of Wake Wood, in rural Ireland. The townspeople sympathise with the couple and introduce them to a secret old pagan rite that could make it possible for them to see their daughter again, but only for three days, and then she would be lost to the other side forever.

They are both disgusted and attracted to the idea, and decide to go with the town elder Arthur who performs the ceremony. Enter the dilemma; what to do when visiting hours are over?

Wake Wood is directed by Irishman David Keating and was filmed here in Co. Donegal and in Österlen, Scania, Sweden. Wake Wood, with Let Me In (2010), are the first features from legendary genre production company Hammer Films in thirty years.

Thomas Skuja, 
Lund International Film Festival 

David Keating, Aidan Gillen and Eva Birthistle will attend the screening