Chrissie and Jade spend their days in pyjamas; waiting. Waiting for the kettle to boil, waiting for Coronation Street, waiting for the next bit of juicy gossip.

Set in the heart of inner city Dublin, where night wear is day wear and bitching is everywhere. Waiting for IKEA uses quick fire wit and old school charm to investigate what lies beneath the surface, what’s behind the bling.

A heart-warming story of friendship, family, community and sunbed obsessives. Waiting for IKEA premiered at the 2007 Dublin Fringe Festival, the first show in the history of the Festival to sell out in advance of opening.

It was nominated for The Bewley's Cafe Theatre Award and The Fishamble New Writing Award. This show contains strong language and adult content.

"The script is sharp and laugh-out-loud funny and fringe debutante Sheerin and former fringe ‘Best Actress’ nominee McKevitt clearly belong onstage." Four Stars Irish Theatre Magazine