I Think I Remember is the fifth in a series of exhibitions at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios entitled Volume. Over the past five years, Volume has aimed to explore sound as a medium and subject in contemporary art, and has showcased innovative sound work by artists and curators based in and outside of Ireland. I think I remember is curated by Dennis McNulty, and features seven artists who often work with sound, but who might not necessarily consider themselves sound-artists. For these artists, sound is just one material, but one that is particularly important as a conduit for exploring ideas. Karl Burke's sculptures, created in consultation with an acoustics expert, occupy the gallery space and attempt to alter its acoustic properties. Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain's search for a recording of the silence that accompanies a solar eclipse led them to the silences in Michaelangelo Antonioni's film L'Eclisse. Their work, Il Silencio dell'eclisse combines a sound piece and a notation of the process of erasure they have applied to the film's soundtrack to produce it - deleting all music and dialogue to leave fragments of recorded 'silence'. At the centre of I think I remember is a space, an absence. Sounds are translated or interpreted or deleted or remembered, but always considered in relation to a listener. The artists struggle with memory or search in vain for a kind of perfect silence. The sound keeps on moving. This exhibition runs until 21st February.