Melissa Mahon Unveils Premiere Irish Exhibition at Gallery Number One

Gallery Number One (GN1) announces the launch of "Unnoticed Everyday", an exhibition of photography and sculpture by Melissa Mahon, which opens on Friday, February 17, 2012.

A conceptual artist keen to explore the order in chaos, as well as the hidden links and patterns, Melissa Mahon observes real, untouched spaces, observing the things that people leave behind, unnoticed - everyday. This can be a workplace where seemingly random objects have been amassed, and plants left to die; or a utilized space, totally unadorned of any decoration or comfort. In all cases, the human form is removed, to let the viewer create their own context.

A first class honours graduate of Fine Art at Bath University, this is Irish-born Melissa Mahon's first exhibition in Ireland. Previously, she has shown at the Truman Brewery, London and the American Museum, Bath as well as completing a large two part installation as a commission for Leeds Rail Station in February 2012.

GN1 is Dublin's leading art space and creative think tank. In the past, it has played host to exhibitions by photographers, artists, furniture and fashion designers including successful solo shows by Ronnie Wood, Patti Boyd and James Rizzi. Most recently, the gallery transformed in to a pop-up on-line store for cult Irish T-shirt brand, Hairy Baby.

Ahead of Melissa Mahon's solo show at GN1, Derek O'Connor writes:
Melissa's witty and calmly composed photographic compositions – the foundation of inspired installation pieces utilising found objects – are often infused with an air of casual menace … We're never quite sure what's lurking outside the frame, but we suspect that it's not good. Her collection of workplace photographs, comprised entirely of candid images of real, untouched spaces, positively fizz with an ominous Stanley Kubrick vibe – you keep waiting for Jack Nicholson to chop down the door with an axe. IMAGE magazine (Feb 2012)

Unnoticed Everyday runs from February 17th - March 16th; 2012 at Gallery Number One, 1; Castle Street, Dublin 2
Melissa Mahon will be in conversation with IMAGE Magazine editor Melanie Morris on Saturday, February 18 2012 from 3pm.