Documentary Film Maker and Director

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Peter Nicholson – Freelance director, writer and producer

Short Biography.

BAFTA winner Peter Nicholson has twenty-eight years experience writing, directing and producing prime-time UK network and international television programmes. He trained in film drama under the British feature film director Mike Figgis and in documentary with the late Denis Mitchell.

Peter’s award-winning films include:
BAFTA - Nuremberg, Goering's Last Stand 2006
EMMY (Prime Time) - Pompeii - The Last Day 2004
BBC Audience Award - Pompeii - The Last Day 2004
RTS - Pompeii - The Last Day 2004
RTS - Beasts of the Roman Games 2005
Gold - New York TV Festival - Day of the Kamikaze 2008
Best Screenplay – Dartmoor Killing (aka Hikers) Tulsa IFF 2011
BAFTA Nomination (Editing) - Japan's Tsunami - Caught on Camera 2012
DUK/ARRI Alexa Challenge - Dartmoor Killing 2012/13

In 2011, Peter set up Peter Nicholson Films Ltd, to develop independent film projects. The first fruit of this was a short film, titled The Silence, featuring a cameo by 70’s screen icon Susan George.

The Silence was Official Selection at Tulsa IFF 2011, Salento IFF 2011 and Lucerne IFF (Showcase) 2011.

Dartmoor Killing, PNF’s first feature is currently in advanced development…