Halloween is a tricksy one this year all right; the fuzzy reassurance of the Bank Holiday weekend will be behind us come Thursday 31st, and then sure won’t we have to mind ourselves on the night to survive Friday in work? And then all the spooky fun will be practically over by the time Saturday rolls round. Sigh.

But before we resign ourselves to a dreary old post-Halloween weekend on the couch, we should all have a look at what’s going on for UCD’s SCI EX 2013 Festival. From Halloween night and all weekend, a citywide programme of documentary and film screenings, events and panel discussions exploring the untapped relationships between science and cinema will be taking place for our viewing pleasure.

A highlight is definitely SCI EX’s very special screening of The Shining on the 31st at the Lighthouse Cinema – which will include a post movie panel discussion exploring the effects of psychosis, anxiety, fear and horror on us peeps.

The Botanic Gardens hosts a eclectic programme of short films on the theme of biodiversity all weekend too, and there will also be several Irish premieres of exciting science and psychology themed documentaries all over town – The Lighthouse, Filmbase, and the UCD Student Centre will all act as venues for the weekend. The best part is tickets start at an incredibly sound €5.

No excuse for a dull weekend then, eh?

Check out the full program of events here... and don't forget to book your tickets below!