'In recent years, Dublin has been labelled the murder and gun-crime capital of Europe. Gangland has been saturated in glamour. More and more of the capitals young men have been led to the gun to settle disputes.
 'Making Lemonade', is a white knuckle ride into the underworld of gangland and gun-crime culture dealing with the damage, destruction and
despair through a day in the life experience

'Desperate to hold onto his Friday routine, Blade tries to cheat an oncoming current of chaos. Blinded by his own ferocity, the laws of cause and effect come into play and life is now determined by his own carnage.'

'It's a rare moment of innocence in a play that is just as funny as it is gritty' ...  **** The Herald ...
'Beatley's performance is not one to be glossed over ... Her portrayal of Blade is unnervingly believable, gritty certainly, but on
the whole brilliant ' ... Totally Dublin'