Run entirely by the students of Trinity College Dublin, the annual Trinity Arts Festival will run from 9th to 13th of February. Created by History of Art student Pearl O'Sullivan in 2006, the festival is a celebration of the rich creative streak within the student community. The goal of the festival is to highlight and nurture the creativity of the student community, by way of a series of workshops and other participatory events, which draw on the already thriving creative nature of the college. Past festivals have featured interactive workshops in fashion, makeup for film and television, life drawing marathons, African drumming and even a beat-boxing workshop from renowned artist White Noise. The festival traditionally kicks off every year with an opening reception in the Atrium with a photography and sketch work exhibition, coupled with live jazz and a few treats courtesy of the Food and Drink Society. This festival promises to be a unique artistic venture, giving anyone and everyone the opportunity to express themselves. This year the organizers have adopted the theme of a carnival and have presented a busy and diverse timetable of film screening, talks, tours and workshops.