Translations by Brian Friel is set in the year 1833 in the hedge school of Hugh Mór ODonnell in Baile Beag a small village in Donegal where the use of Greek and Latin are commonplace. The arrival of the Royal Engineers engaged in creating an ordnance survey map leads to a clash of cultures. Owen, son of Hugh Mór acts as a translator and go-between. However when one of the engineers goes missing the destruction of the community looks immanent. Translations deals with many issues including language and communication and cultural imperialism.

Dooega Drama Group are from Achill Island and this is their first time in Draiocht.

'Director Martan O Mongain delivers a quality version of this powerful play. The authentic set complements the atmospheric quality of lighting, dress and sound. The whole production induces realism and truth to the confusion of languages and culture of the time.' Mayo Advertiser