Tongues of Fire
Produced by Manikin Theatre Company

‘Don't you ever think about it sometimes, sometimes when you know it's the last thing that's supposed to be thought? Don't you think about it then and try and squash it down, but the thing bounces back like burnt toast...’
What would happen if you said that thing to your friend, husband, daughter? The thing you know you never should. What if you lived your life telling it like it is, to whoever it is? What if the filter which made these decisions disappeared? What would you do? What would you say? And would there be anyone left standing?
Tongues of Fire is a dark comedy exploring the things we daren't say, and the circumstances which force our hand. Through the eyes of one woman's experience we follow her journey to the unbidden recesses of her mind, where anything goes and anything can happen. In equal collaboration with playwright, director and two actors, Tongues of Fire takes an honest look under the hood of everyday human experience in this raw, funny, and tender play. Expect the unexpected, think the unthinkable, explore the unchartered.

Mags McAuliffe

The onus is on you to react. That moment where you feel like your stomach is a soda stream and someone has pressed it and filled it with gas. The gas bubbles are heading for your heart and your head and before they bubble out your eyes. You react. You do this how? You speak in a bubbly broken voice. You carry them out of the room, out of your eyes and into some wet tissues.
OR?!? You take those bubbles, those lovely little bubbles, and you allow them to bubble bubble bubble up BUBBLE BIG BUBBLE LOUD BUBBLE BANG BUBBLE-ARGHHHHHHHHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHH bubble all over your face. And now the bubble’s burst. You gasp for air. What have you learned? You’ve no more air. So?

Aha! You breathe in. You breathe out. And in, and out.
Why? Because you can. Now, what ELSE can you do?’