Chances are 90% of the population saw Tommy Tiernan on his seemly endless run at Vicar St last year, but still, if you want to be part of true comedy history, Tommy's your man. To mark Easter weekend in what he calls his own "perverted genuflection" (but genuflection none the less) Tommy has decided to take on not only a personal physical challenge but also a comedy marathon. To remain awake, lucid, interesting and even funny for 36 hours straight, with a 5 minute rest every hour. As this has never been attempted before he will have set the record at 24 hours, but in true Tommy style he insists on completing 36 hours to finish as dawn breaks on Easter morning.  An adjudicator from The Guinness Book of Records is flying in to cover the event and make sure it meets all guidelines.  It will take place in Galway's Nuns Island Theatre and all profits will go to the Galway Diocesan Youth Services, a resource centre for teenagers in Galway city. Tickets during social hours are for hour long segments of the show, while longer slots are available for after 11.30pm, from ticketmaster and usual outlets. Get tickets for the very end for the craic, just to see if he goes crazy or falls down.