Tom “The Bear” O’Mahony is one of the last remaining REAL Irish men. Here you’ll see how a once popular species is nigh extinct. Due to emigration and poor fashion choices, some of our best, toughest and brightest Irish men have left our shores or “converted” to leave behind a nation made up of nancy-boy gamers, cosmetics for men, light beer and tight trousers. Like the iconic polar bear floating on an iceberg, Irish TV's O’Mahony illustrates his isolation as one of the last few who refuses to buy into the now everyday bullshit that is X-Factor, Gleeks and electric-powered people-carriers. So with your HELP, this species does not have to become extinct. Just one attendance and one hour of your time with rising star of Irish comedy "The Bear" will help spread the word that being overly emotional is NOT a good thing and that aggression CAN be helpful.