This double bill promises to be a visceral feast for the senses.

‘The Space Where Thought Once Was', is an exploration into Dementia. A glimpse into the minds of those in whom all powers of representation and imagery, all sense of the concrete, all sense of reality are being destroyed. Souls without a past or future stuck in a constantly changing meaningless moment. The piece is set to an original score by American composer Jesse Ronneau whose haunting work is characterised by an exploration of advanced instrumental techniques.

The second work is entitled ‘Scatenato', from the Italian musical term, meaning wild, unchained, and loose. Joining the dancers on stage will be the Contempo String Quartet, Galway's Ensemble in Residence. These virtuoso musicians will perform an original mix of Shostakovich's string quartets 8, 10 and 11 and George Crumbs Black Angels String Quartet. The choreography weaves fluidly between moments of conscious abandonment, passionate engagement and elements of stillness and power.

Company dancers Leighton Morrison, Andrea Santato, Joanne Klijn, Amy Lawson and Jane Magan feature in this work. Both pieces are choreographed by Judith Sibley.