Injuries are occupational hazards in professional sport. Every athlete gets them and all have to get over them. But what if this is an injury you cannot see? What if the pain is in your head and you cannot tell anybody about it? Professional sports stars are no more likely to suffer from depression than any of us; they might, though, be slower to ask for help given the pressures to perform in public and rivals looking for an edge over them.

Hosted by Irish Times journalist Jim Carroll, the Banter panel will discuss this and more as they explore the issue of mental health in the context of the sports world. The panel will include former Irish soccer international and current RTE pundit Richie Sadlier, whose own sports career was cut short due to injury and who has spoken openly of the demons he faced after his career ended. The panel will also include contributions from David Gillick (Olympic Athlete), Liam Moggan (Coaching Ireland) & guests.