Robin is from a very remote place in Sweden, Värmland. He’s a country bumpkin of sorts, with a passion for leather trousers, chains and photography. He’s perfectly happy living in a rural setting but a chance encounter with an over-the hill television personality and the closure of the local factory lead Robin away from his beloved home town to Stockholm.

Having arrived in Stockholm, Robin is desperate to make it as a professional photographer and despite some initial setbacks and his rural background, he’s commissioned to photograph an upper class wedding in Djursholm, the ritziest
district in Stockholm. He promptly falls in love with the bride’s sister and is willing to change everything about himself, from his outlook on life to his hairstyle, in order to win her heart. 

What follows is a comical clash of cultures and class as the down-at-home Robin tries to woo the girl of his dreams. Writer/director Ulf Malmros has done a fantastic job, winning the Swedish Film Institute Award for Best Screenplay for The Wedding Photographer in 2009. It’s a surprisingly perceptive and astute film with, despite the rudimentary plot, a multifaceted and charming story.

Jason O’Mahony
Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

Ulf Malmros will attend the screening