Join the first Interactive Show of 2015 with movement, creativity and contribution!

The Stone Soup Story is the story of 3 monks who are travelling around the world. They reach a city where people are very upset and desperate. The monks are looking for shelter and food but they are told that the city is closed, no food left and there is no shelter for them.

The monks don't give up and they meet a little girl playing cooking. They gather along the pot, they set up a fire and the light and warmth attract people from the town.

Everybody joins and contributes with a small little thing (a carrot, a tomato, an onion). In this way, they feed a village and renew the hope in the soul for a better future.

With a carrot you cannot make a soup, but when everybody brings something, you are already there. Children will learn about team work, communication and creating together.

The Show lasts for 50 minutes. Children 1-9 years of age and parents are INVITED to join the story.