The Silk Labyrinth is a unique theatrical production with 8 stories, 8 women and 8 directors, devised from a work of eight poems, based on each of the following characters: Juana la Loca; Marilyn Monroe; Abisag the Shunamite nurse of King David; Moraima, a Moorish princess from Granada; Dido, the Carthaginian Queen; Mary Magdalene; Alfonsina Storni, the Argentinean poet; and Lucia Joyce, James Joyce's daughter. The Silk Labyrinth, or "El Laberinto de Seda" is a work of Spanish poetry of our time, translated to English through a collaborative process between the author, David Pérez and Leonor Bethencourt, revised by Michael Smith, award winning translator of poetry and member of Aósdana.  In The Silk Labyrinth, lives interlock and precipitate in a dense fog, confusing inevitably, the after life, the here and now, the past and hope.  This beautifully crafted work of poetry devised into a theatre production will grab the audience with its stunning reunion of women from history, literature, myth and cinema. The Silk Labyrinth runs at Smock Alley Theatre from October 28th to November 8th. Tickets are priced €18