New York ensemble Elevator Repair Service return to Dublin after electrifying audiences in 2008 with their world-dominating, theatrical marathon Gatz.

A bold and vivid adaptation of Hemingway's classic novel, the Select (the Sun also rises) follows a group of weary, aimless and frequently intoxicated American expatriates on a search for identity, diversion and redemption. On a stage littered with liquor bottles and café chairs, the protagonists roam from Paris to Pamplona, where bullfighting and a fiesta rage through the streets. Rooted amongst the decadence however, lies disillusion, as Hemingway's narrator carries the heavy burdens of a war injury and his inability to have the woman he loves.

This exceptional moment in history is evoked as the carousing and revelry of Hemingway's 'Lost Generation' is brought to energetic life. The First World War may be over but some battles still rage on.