'There's a place for people who laugh at nothing.....'

Welcome to the strange world of Siamese Scream's Sanitorium, where all is not as it seems. You are invited to join us on a visit through this Victorian madhouse in this macabre tale of insanity, wickedness and intrigue. Marvel at the patients with their peculiar quirks and oddities! See behind the walls into the world of our societies alienated, melancholic, and dispossessed!
This invitation is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bear witness to these
creatures inside the invisible world of the madhouse, to hear the Alienist explain their diagnoses, to see their strange conditions play out before your very eyes.... and to examine the very nature of madness itself.

'We all go a little mad sometimes.... haven't you?' (Norman Bates)

'Alice in Wonderland meets The Shining'

'A beastly mix of theatre, burlesque, sideshow and cabaret... dressed in black'